3 Things You Can Learn from Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, and he is a billionaire for creating Facebook. chat with random people Supposedly he is an awkward young man, and if you’ve seen the movie “The Social Network”, you may not like him too much for the things he did. But no matter what decisions he made for his growing business while he was still a college student, there are plenty of things we can learn from the social media-icon Mark Zuckerberg.

1. Enjoy your work.

Zuckerberg has been creating code for years. Even now, with all of his billions, he still writes code. That is one strong form of true love. Zuckerberg enjoys what he does so much that he doesn’t simply live off of all of his money and sit around playing video games all day. He still continues to work, and he enjoys it. And he must really enjoy it. Yahoo! offered Zuckerberg one billion dollars for Facebook, and Zuckerberg turned it down. Some may argue that he wanted more, but rumor has it that Zuckerberg claimed it wasn’t about the money. Most of us don’t have billions of dollars sitting in our bank accounts, so we have to work in order to survive. Since we must spend numerous hours per day working, we may as well try and enjoy what we do. Find what you love and keep at it. Doing this will keep you happy.

2. Don’t be afraid to change.

Zuckerberg is always changing Facebook for the better. He took a simple design and kept making changes based on what users wanted. Even to this day, he continues to make changes, especially with the new launch of Timeline. He will often make changes when issues arise too. For example, Facebook received backlash that it wasn’t doing much to protect its user’s privacy, so Zuckerberg made changes. Instead of being stuck in your ways, you need to become more flexible. Life will often times throw you curve balls, and if you’re not willing to make changes, you could be in for a rough ride.

3. Don’t be swayed by the negativity.

Zuckerberg has been in his fair share of lawsuits. He also received a ton of backlash after “The Social Network” painted him as a selfish monster. But through it all, Zuckerberg continues to do what he loves and continues to be successful. Rather than starting a war with those who have negative things to say about him, he lets it roll off his shoulders. Life is too short to be affected by everything others have to say about you. It’s not worth getting worked up over the petty things. Instead of stressing out, you need to realize what’s truly important and focus on that. Those negative people will eventually move on. It’s true that our lives may be much easier if we had Zuckerberg’s billions, but even if we can’t have his bank account, we can still take some things away from how he lives his life.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru and social media expert who loves to write and is a huge fan of Mark Zuckerberg. He is also a fanatic for proper grammar and never submits any work without instantly proofing with a grammar checker. He tends to use the software quite often because he can’t always remember some of the tricky grammar rules.